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Alternative Health Screening

Alternative Health Screening
Alternative & Holistic Health Service
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Our computerized scan screens for blocked energy in the body and returns therapy to those blocked areas. Faith in Medicine Call to schedule your total body energetic scan. Find where you have blocked energy and receive therapy to open up your energy pathways all while getting a pulsed electromagnetic field therapy treatment.


"Your Healing Journey Begins Here"

Quantum Feedback Technology sends and receives information to measure healthy organs, cells, and tissue with the ability to identify and remove stressors creating dysfunction. Taking control of your health by using non-invasive Advanced Healing Tools may save your life and those you love!


"Energy, Frequency & Vibration" unlocks your healing potential:

Finding the root cause is key to your recovery.

Quantum Feedback Technology

How does it work?

How Does it Work?

The process is done by sending and receiving information wearing a stereoscopic headset and is based on Scientific studies done in the 1920s at the International Academy of Non-Linear Diagnostic Systems. They discovered that the optimal functional state of a nerve cell is 0.7 to 13 hertz.

In this range the technology can identify the phase state of the organs, cells and tissue using right & left polarized spin vectors, and is called "Bio Resonance or Biofeedback."

Biofeedback reads, measures, and identifies healthy tissue as well as microorganisms based on their actual frequency patterns, using (6) states of anabolic and (6) catabolic states to detect pathologically changed areas in the metabolic state. This is how we find the root cause of dysfunction.

  • Bio Resonance, or Biofeedback devices, are not medical diagnostic tools, and they do not treat disease.
  • I know how scary it can be to choose Alternative Healing Modalities, "not knowing if this path is right for you." I can guide you through this learning process as I was there 10 years ago, so you are not alone!
  • Quantum Feedback Technology uses signaling pathways to send and receive the "Correct Information" to each organ and cell to bring the body back into a corrective state so the body can heal and repair itself.
  • It also creates "information formulas" we call homeo-energetic remedies using the frequencies of homeopathic and phytotherapies.

Dental Chart


Knowing the connection between your organs and teeth could save your life. The dental chart is a tool that lets you see which tooth lies along which meridian. From the molars to your incisors, your teeth can tell you more about your body than you ever knew possible.

Acupuncture meridians are energy pathways or channels that span across interrelated body parts, glands and organs. When one organ is diseased, for example, its effects can be seen across other parts of the body connected to the same meridian. Every part of the body is ultimately connected to one or more parts through a meridian - including your teeth.

Looking at a meridian tooth chart, you can find the appropriate tooth and follow the energy blocks being picked up by the Quantum Feedback. This is done by observing the energetic stressors in a vertical connection to organs.

Re-ignite your energy pathways

Alternative Health Screening
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